Monday, 17 August 2015

End of one chapter, beginning of a new ...

A few months ago I had to do something I didn't like ... removing the private hide from the forest. That part of the forest got a new destination, some of the trees were cut and I had to go. I left the forest, leaving no traces. All together I've been able to use the hide for almost 1,5 year and spotted (or the trailcam) 26 different species of birds + 6 mammals at the hide and pool:

  BIRDS                                                                MAMMALS
- Great tit (Koolmees                                                 - Hedgehog(Egel)
- Blue tit (Pimpelmees)                                              - Red fox (Vos)
- Roodborst (European robin)                                    - Bank vole (Rosse woelmuis)
- Chaffinch (Vink)                                                      - Roe deer (Ree)
- European blackbird (Merel)                                    - Squirrel (Eekhoorn)
- Wood pigeon (Houtduif)                                          - Rabbit (Konijn)
- Carrion crow (Kraai)
- Eurasian jay (Gaai)
- Great spotted woodpecker (Grote bonte specht)
- Little spotted woodpecker (Kleine bonte specht)
- Green woodpecker (Groene specht)
- Brambling (Keep)
- Common redpoll (Kleine barmsijs)
- Long-tailed tit (Staartmees)
- Redwing (Koperwiek)
- Northern wren (Winterkoning)
- Siskin (Sijs)
- Common buzzard (Buizerd)
- Eurasian sparrowhawk (Sperwer)
- Northern goshawk (Havik)
- Tawny owl (Bosuil)
- Short-toed treecreeper (Boomkruiper)
- Eurasian nuthatch (Boomklever)
- Song thrush (Zanglijster)
- Willow warbler (Fitis)
- Eurasian magpie (Ekster)

I didn't get all the species I was looking for but after all I'm satisfied, especially with the 3 different birds of prey. For me personally Northern goshawk in the snow was my top moment !
Since I heard I had to leave the forest I've been looking for a new spot to build a hide. Luckily I found a new place. I hope to start building the next few weeks. I'll keep the blog updated with construction news.

The hide and drinking pool are gone ...

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