Saturday, 28 May 2016

New visitors

Lately the weather was sunny and dry for a period so the forest is drying up. Not dry enough yet but I already have been able to see new species at the hide. A Roe deer (Ree) was passing by one morning and a Spotted flycatcher (Grauwe vliegenvanger) and a male Red crossbill (Kruisbek) were seen around the hide. The flycatcher flew off very quick, the Red crossbill sat down a short moment at the pool. The visit of the Red crossbill, on of my target species, made my day. A couple of Eurasian nuthatches (Boomklever) is also nesting in a tree a few meters from the hide and seen all the time at the hide. Two different Red squirrels are also seen on daily basis, drinking at the pool. The pool itself had 2 visitors too, a Common toad (Gewone pad) and a Edible frog (Groene kikker). Other regular visitors are still Chaffinch, Robin, Eurasian jay, Great tit and Great spotted woodpecker.

 Red crossbill

 Roe deer

Edible frog

 Eurasian nuthatch

 Red squirrel