Thursday, 30 June 2016

Hawfinch and Bullfinch

Wet wet wet. It's the wettest June ever. Almost rain every day, water everywhere. Normally this time of the year it's much dryer so birds will come over to drink at the pool in front of the hide. It's obvious conditions are not so good to attract birds. I even had 10cm of water inside my hide.
Luckily a family of Hawfinches (Appelvinken) is nesting close to the hide and are frequently visiting. At least 1 juvenile is already seen on the trailcam. I also had the opportunity to see for the first time a male Bullfinch (Goudvink) from the hide. Red squirrels (Eekhoorns) are also seen daily. Other daily visitors are Great tit (Koolmees), Blue tit (Pimpelmees), Chaffinch (Vink), Great spotted woodpecker (GB specht), European robin (Roodborst), Eurasian nuthatch (Boomklever), Eurasian jay (Gaai) and a Bank vole (Rosse woelmuis). Hopefully both the weather and the forest will be dryer the next few weeks.

 Male Hawfinch

 Male Hawfinch

 Female Hawfinch

 Male Bullfinch

 Great spotted woodpecker

Bank vole