Monday, 24 November 2014

Nature never ceases to amaze me

A few days I go I was walking to the hide to check the trailcam and to refill the feeders. I was in a hurry and not really paying attention. When I approached a kind of small dry canal I had to cross I suddenly noticed a Roe deer (Ree) lying on the ground, only 3 meters away. The deer was very calm and chewing it's food. I was very surprised the deer didn't run away since I was standing in the open. Mayby it was sick or hurt ? I took an old small camera out of the inner pocket of my jacket (I use this camera to see the results of the trailcam) and took a photo. Then, suddenly, a few seconds later the deer jumped up and ran off. It was obvious that the deer was not sick or injured but only thinking it was 'camouflaged' and that I couldn't see him. All together it took only 20 or 30 seconds but seeing the deer so close was really a beautiful experience.

 Roe deer

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Autumn visitors

I didn't spend time in the hide so the only known visitors are those recorded by the trailcam.
A few days ago for the first time at least 3 Redwings (Koperwiek) were drinking at the hide. Two different Goshawks (Havik) are still visiting: one juvenile and one adult. Every now and then Sparrowhawk (Sperwer) and Tawny Owl (Bosuil) at night are also coming over. Other 'normal' species registered are Blackbird (Merel), Great Tit (Koolmees), Blue Tit (Pimpelmees), Chaffinch (Vink), European Robin (Roodborstje) and Eurasian Jay (Gaai).


juvenile Goshawk

adult Goshawk