Monday, 20 July 2015

Bullfinches and more

A little while ago I visited a fellow nature lover who is living at a great place with a lot of birds. I put a camouflage tent hide at a small pool at his property. My objective were the Hawfinches (Appelvink)which came over to drink on daily basis. I spend a few hours in my tent at the rather busy drinking pool. Bullfinches (Goudvink) and European Greenfinch (Groenling) were visiting all the time. Other visitors were Goldfinch (Putter), Song thrush (Zanglijster), Eurasian blackcap (Zwartkop), Stock dove (Holenduif), European robin (Roodborst), Common blackbird (Merel), European pied flycatcher (Bonte vliegenvanger), Yellowhammer (Geelgors), Common redpoll (Kleine barmsijs) and European Rabbit (Wild konijn). I had a nice time in the tent hide, nevertheless no Hawfinches showed up.

 European Greenfinch (Groenling)

 European Rabbit (Wild konijn)

 Eurasian blackcap (Zwartkop)

 Song thrush (Zanglijster)

 male Bullfinch (Goudvink)

 female Bullfinch (Goudvink)

 Common redpoll (Kleine barmsijs)

 Pied flycatcher (Bonte vliegenvanger)

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