Thursday, 24 December 2015


Last week I spend another few hours in the hide. Still the same birds visiting but I saw a great Common Buzzard (Buizerd) - show. Four different birds were around the hide at the same time. First a young Buzzard came over to eat from the prey, being chased away by an adult one after a short fight. The younger one stayed close to the hide while the older one started eating. Two other birds were also around, shouting all the time and trying to chase away the older one. The older one had no fear and just kept eating. Now it's just waiting for the winter and cold to come. The last couple of weeks it's way to warm for the time of the year, about 10°C above the normal average temperature. Normally cold will bring more and different kind of birds to the hide ... .

 Common Buzzard

 Common Buzzard

 Common Buzzard


 Crested tit


 Great tit

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