Friday, 15 May 2015

Hide in the tropics

Last month I spend a week in The Gambia, West-Africa. I also visited Abuko Nature Reserve, known for the many birds. They also rent a kind of private hide at a small drinking pool. It's more an observation hide, not really a photography hide but it's ok the get some species close. I spend about 2 hours in the hide. Some of the species visiting the hide were African Thrush (Pelioslijster), Greater honeyguide (Grote honingspeurder), Red billed firefinch (Vuurvink), Bronze mannikin (Gewoon ekstertje), Western bluebill (Roodborstblauwsnavel), Village weaver (Grote textorwever), Common bulbul (Grauwe buulbuul), Western Plantain-eater (Grijze bananeneter), Blue spotted dove (Staalvlekduif), White-crowned robin-chat (Schubkaplawaaimaker) and Nile monitor (Nijlvaraan).

 Inside the hide

 View on the drinking pool

Hide from the outside

 Village weaver

 Red-billed firefinch

 Western plantain-eater

Greater honeyguide

 Nile monitor

African Thrush

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