Sunday, 25 January 2015

Waiting ...

Hide photography is most of the time waiting. I spend a few hours in the hide, trying to 'catch' the often visiting Common Buzzard (Buizerd) or Northern Goshawk (Havik) on photo. Unfortunately I wasn't lucky with the birds of prey. My time wasn't completely wasted because there was another short visit of a single Redwing (Koperwiek) and for the first time a Eurasian wren (Winterkoninkje), both coming over to drink. Other visiting species were Great tit (Koolmees), Blue tit (Pimpelmees), Eurasian jay (Gaai), Chaffinch (Vink), Blackbird (Merel) and Great spotted woodpecker (Grote bonte specht). Red fox (Vos) is still visiting every night, taking the leftovers the birds of prey didn't eat.


Eurasian wren

Red fox

Common buzzard

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