Monday, 29 December 2014

Finally winter !

Last weekend temperature dropped and we had some snow. Now weather is already changing with temperature above freezing point. Snow is already melting and with more positive daytime temperatures expected snow will be gone soon. Today I spend a short time in the hide. Outside it was 1°Celsius, inside 6°Celsius. The pool was frozen. It was very busy at the hide but no special or new visitors: 8 Great tit (Koolmees), 4 Blue tit (Pimpelmees), 7 Chaffinch (Vink), 2 Great spotted woodpecker (GB specht), 1 Blackbird (Merel), 4 Eurasian Jay (Gaai), 1 Robin (Roodborst) and 1 Wood pigeon (Houtduif). No 'great' species but nice to make some photos in the snow.
Earlier this month Redwing (Koperwiek) and 1 juvenile and 1 adult Goshawk (Havik) were also visiting. Goshawk first at the pool and lately eating roadkill prey. Hopefully the Red fox won't keep taking all my roadkill ... .

 Eurasian jay

 Chaffinch on the frozen pool

 Wood pigeon

 Great spotted woodpecker


Blue tit

 adult Goshawk

juvenile Goshawk

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