Saturday, 27 September 2014

Short but nice visit

The last couple of days it was really quiet at the hide but I still had the feeling that I had to go there and be patient. Goshawk keeps visiting every few days so I had to be very lucky. I got rewarded, not with a Goshawk but with a short visit of a female Sparrowhawk (Sperwer). The visit was short, the bird was shy. I could only make 3 photos before she flew off, scared by the noise of the camera-clicks. Nevertheless I was happy with the first Sparrowhawk visit while in the hide. Also had a Roe deer (Ree) drinking at night.
The visiting Goshawk (Havik) is the one who was in juvenile plumage last winter and spring, the one with the ring on the right leg. He now is changing to adult plumage and keeps on visiting.
A few more photos of the Sparrowhawk you can see here.


 ringed Goshawk

 Roe deer

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