Monday, 19 May 2014


After a wetter period it's getting warm, sunny and dry. Hopefully this will bring some nice species to the pool.
Lately the main visitors at the pool are Eurasian Jay (Gaai), Wood Pigeon (Houtduif), Great Spotted Woodpecker (GB Specht), Blackbird (Merel), European Robin (Roodborst), adult and juvenile Great Tit (Koolmees) and a new species which is visiting daily now, Carrion Crow (Zwarte Kraai).
The trailcam gave some nice results. Red Fox starts passing by or visiting in daylight, once even at 4 in the afternoon. A Roe Deer (Ree) was passing and 2 nights in a row a Tawny Owl (Bosuil) came over at 22.00 hour to take a bath or drink.

Red Fox

Roe Deer

Tawny Owl

juvenile Great Tit

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